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Jax Guides

These guides are designed to make you immediately productive with Jax, and to help you understand how all of the pieces fit together.

Guides marked with this icon are currently being worked on. While they might still be useful to you, they may contain incomplete information and even errors. You can help by reviewing them and posting your comments and corrections to the author.

Start Here

Getting Started with Jax

Everything you need to know to install Jax and create your first application.

Digging Deeper

Custom Shaders

This guide shows how to add and use your own shaders to add advanced custom visual effects.


Jax can do a lot, but there will inevitably be new, exciting techniques and smarter approaches. This guide shows you how to fill in the gaps by installing reusable chunks of code from other developers, as well as how to make your own contributions available to the rest of the Jax community.

Work in progress

This guide demonstrates how to create, use and dynamically alter Materials in Jax.

Work in progress

This guide shows how to make the most of lighting support in Jax, and outlines potential caveats. It will also discuss how to prevent certain objects from being lit at all, and in what circumstances you'd want to do this.

Work in progress

This guide explains all of the various matrices and "spaces", and how they relate to one another. It will help you understand the difference between world space, camera space and object space; and how a 3D object goes from a set of vertices in object space to a translated, rotated and scaled image on your computer screen.

Testing Jax Applications
Work in progress

This is a comprehensive guide to testing a Jax application. It covers everything from "What is a test?" to the testing APIs.

API Documentation

Jax JavaScript API Docs


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